Sea King Hunter by Game Attack

Sea King Hunter
Game created in 72 hour for the Ludum Dare 31.

There are 4 walls. No wait! There are 4 ceiling or 4 floors? Well, It doesn't matter because
the Sea King Hunter can walk on all of them and jump freely from one to another.
The goal is simple: Hunt down the mystical beast called the « Sea King » that live on the bottom of the ocean.

Yoshihiro Okayama (Programming - Unity 3d / Sublime Text)
Wataru Yamazaki (CG art - 3dsMax / Photoshop )
Takuma Takahashi (Sound - Logic Pro)
Simeon Reymond (Interface - Illustrator / Photoshop)

Its our first Ludum Dare entry. We are thrilled to present « Sea King Hunter ».